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The vision of EAI is to build development projects through out the impoverished areas of the world that work torwards meeting the felt needs of the people. These projects include drilling water wells to obtain clean drinking water, fish farms which establishes a viable protein and income source and home building which allows families to live a life of security and health through a sufficient home structure.

teachingAll of these projects are built as a "stage" on which to preach the gospel message of Jesus Christ. This is the first element of development; as people are enlightened to the truth of Jesus Christ and Christian princiapals then physical development is sure to follow.

These projects are all based upon the principle of working with the communities and not just for the communities. We desire to to give a "hand up" and not just a "hand out."

Many times communities only need a small "boost" to get themselves out of poverty.

Relief situations set aside, it has been said that giving something to someone for nothing makes them feel like nothing. In other words, you take a persons dignity away when you just give hand outs.

People rarely value something that costs then nothing, that is why all of our projects involve some form of investment of "sweat equity" where the people can stand back at the end of the day and see what they built with their hands and feel ownership of the project.

Many times poverty comes from within. Many poor people in the world simply need a paradigm shift. Millions are thinking, "I am poor, I will always be poor. The ancestors are angry with me, why should I even bother to try?"

When we preach the good news of Jesus Christ we also tell them that, "You are poor now but you don't always have to be. There are no gods to be angry with you but there is a true God who created you and who loves you and he has established that you can produce wealth from the creation that you see around you."

fishingWhen we begin to work side by side with these poor communities to build water wells, fish farms and homes, it smashes the poverty mindset and empowers them to see development and wealth is established from the work of their own two hands.

Because of the success of these development projects people are empowered to live a life with a new idea of success and development and things change for the better from within the community instead of comming from a continuous and endless outside source.

When people come to the realization that their fate is not in the hands of angry gods or ancestors but in the hands of a loving God they become free to see opportunity through a new set of "glasses" of possibilities, where they once saw through "glasses" of hopelessnes and despair.

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